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About Cloud Solutions Services

For a number of years I have been running a cloud based hosting operation – it started back in 2009 when I was at SAP and I identified that there was a problem that needed solving.

Partners wanted to access the latest software like SAP HANA, they wanted to learn and demonstrate the latest releases of SAP Business One and students wanted to get access to training environments. The trouble was that the willingness to invest wasn’t there from vendors or partners.

So I invested 10’s of thousands of my own dollars over 3- 5 year period from my SAP bonus payments in to buying and deploying servers to allow people to access these environments at no cost – after all, my job was to help partners and customers be successful…

Fast forward to 2017 and cloud has now become mainstream and customers are now electing for a cloud first deployment and I thought, why not leverage my experience and infrastructure that I had been maintaining and enhancing since 2009 and offer the solution commercially.

Why Choose Cloud Solutions Services

Choosing CLOUD Solutions can benefit your business financially and save your business thousands of dollars a year in server and maintenance costs. Choosing CLOUD Solutions will give you more flexibility and choice than any other provider in Australia


To Deliver Business Focused, “Offshore IT Solutions for SMBs” across the globe, offering Services like Web Design, Web Development, Mobile App Development, Php Development, RoR Development, E-commerce development, Agile application development, Cloud Consulting services and Cloud solutions.


We aspire to be the world’s best IT Solutions Partner, through technology leadership, innovation and a world class work force.

Key Values

Committed to Customer Satisfaction

A knowledge-driven company

Building solutions that create rewarding results

Orchestration of ROI driven solutions

Client centric strategies