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Cloud Migration Services

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Our Process


Migration are fraught with risks which can limit impact and derail expected outcomes. Redington's cloud engineers proactively assess and evaluate your current workloads to mitigate migration risks.

  • We evaluate feasibility and build an effective strategy for your cloud migration
  • Our Cloud Assessment enables organizations to assess their cloud readiness and feasibility
  • Plan, optimize and save through tools like TSO Logic and Cloudamize


Then we design an appropriate migration strategy based on your applications, databases, storage and physical as well as virtual servers.

Make a tailored cloud solution that is technically intended by applying the suggested plans with the recognized demands in mind

Create a target cloud architecture based on the customer’s use case

Follow security best practices


Next ased on your migration strategy and destination environment, you receive a customized and comprehensive project migration plan.

This plan ensures that your cloud meets not only the requirements of IT, but also your company’s needs

We handle cloud service suppliers based on your present and future requirements

We determine service costing and pricing while ensuring compliance with regulations

Proof of Concept

Before you actually move your workload to the cloud, it's always a great idea to create a tiny proof of concept (POC). Redington’s proof of concept helps you step into the new environment with greater confidence and knowledge.

Compare performance with your current implementation

Understand various levels of complexity associated with application migration

Address and correct challenges with network

Make an informed decision based on actual assessment


The final step of migration is carried out as per schedule and plan, with minimal downtime and disruption.

Our Deployment models include:

  • Re-host
  • Re-platform
  • Refactor
  • Hybrid


Gain Momentum

Our established processes, solutions and expertise help you move to the cloud quickly, reducing the costs associated with a long-drawn migration.

Reduce Risk

Our security approaches ensures getting to the cloud without any disruption to your current operations while also ensuring compliance and governance

Cloud-native capabilities

Our Cloud Migration Services constantly integrate new technologies and automations, helping you stay agile and maximizing your cloud investment

Maximize Savings

We customize our offerings based on your budget. Our expert consultants guide you throughout the migration process.

Customer-focused approach

Our cloud experts are always working towards ensuring that you stay abreast with the latest developments without having to worry about upgrades or changes